Feb 1, 2018 Update

The installation of our deep foundations will continue to be a 24-hour a day operation as the type of foundation that is being installed requires that rebar and concrete be set immediately after these shafts are drilled down to bedrock. This work will be most noticeable at various times over the next 6 weeks when the drilled foundations are installed on the 1st Street site. Neighbors should notice a reduction in noise starting around mid-March.

In mid-February we will begin installing overhead pedestrian and vehicular protection on Ecker between Jessie and Mission Street next to the work site. Exact dates are to be determined but this will likely require the full closure of Ecker to vehicular traffic for two weekends during the day. Ecker will continue to remain open to pedestrians at all times.

Over the next several weeks, Oceanwide’s contractors will continue the installation of the perimeter shoring wall on First Street. This work requires large steel beams to be delivered to the site for the next several weeks. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) requires that all oversized deliveries occur between midnight and 5:00 am so the beams will be delivered during these hours. Every effort will be made to minimize the impacts to all neighbors during this time.