Jan 3, 2017 Update

Beginning the week of December 26th, Oceanwide will continue to demolish buildings along First Street. This work will require large equipment to be moved on and off the site. We will continue to be mindful of our neighbors as we finish this phase of the project. Also beginning the week of December 26th and continuing through the week of January 9th, our foundation contractor will start mobilizing equipment for the start of practice and test piles. During these next few weeks you will notice a lot of large equipment being brought in and assembled in the 526 Mission St. site. This is in preparation for drilling the first 6.5’ diameter (test) piles, which are scheduled to start on January 13th. Although there is very large equipment in a very small site, be reassured all work will be kept inside the site and never allowed beyond the construction fence.

Temporary improvements to this portion of Ecker will be underway to make sure that both pedestrians and automobile traffic can share this segment of Ecker in a safe and responsible way. We will also have people guiding traffic and pedestrians during construction hours.