Oct 27, 2017 Update

The temporary overhead pedestrian safety protection has been installed on the south side of Stevenson. We expect that it will remain there for the next several weeks.

Last week’s update noted that work would begin on the perimeter shoring wall this past Monday. Oceanwide had additional prep work to complete and this work did not begin as planned. The work will begin Monday, October 30. Oceanwide’s contractors will install the perimeter shoring wall on the First Street site immediately east of 1 Ecker. This work will require large steel beams to be delivered to the site for the next several weeks. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) requires that all oversized deliveries occur between midnight and 5:00 am so the beams will be delivered during these hours. Every effort will be made to minimize the impacts to all neighbors during this time.

During the installation of the shoring wall, drilled pile work will continue to be performed 24 hours a day as we complete the installation of the deep foundations on the Mission Street site and transition over to the First Street site in the coming month.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by night work and we will continue to make every effort to mitigate the impact to our neighbors.